You know those days where you’re like, ‘this might as well happen?’

If your social media experience is anything like mine, you’ve probably been recently flooded with a whirlwind of opinions about John Mulaney and the surprising direction his life has taken.

The tl;dr if you’ve been living under a rock is this:

  • John Mulaney is a very successful and beloved comedian.
  • This successful and beloved comedian’s public persona has, for years, hinged on how much he loves his wife.
  • John Mulaney went into rehab for abusing alcohol and cocaine in December.
  • It was announced that he had split with…

When you’re sad but you still want to scream

I’ve always loved a good, themed playlist. I’m a little too young to remember “mixtapes,” but I absolutely used to burn mixed CDs and write silly titles on the front in Sharpie.

I use Spotify’s algorithm-crafted “Daily Mixes” often, but they don’t always cut it. Sometimes you’re looking for a specific vibe or flow, and creating curated playlists is the best way to do that.

Today’s theme is “Punk Songs To Cry To.” People often associate punk music with anger and anarchy. And, sure, there’s a lot of that in the…

Do you want to be anything other than what you’ve been trying to be lately?

I was 13-years-old when the teen drama One Tree Hill first premiered. It feels like many lifetimes ago, back when you had to watch a show when it came on unless you had something fancy like TiVo. I remember the excitement of tuning into The WB (which later turned into The CW) every Tuesday evening at 8pm — first to watch Gilmore Girls and then to watch One Tree Hill. …

A culinary experiment

I am a member of a Facebook group about sandwiches. Every March, the group holds its own version of March Madness, aptly titled Sandwich Madness, where group members complete brackets and then vote for their favorite sandwiches. It gets heated.

To keep things fair, the winning sandwich each year is retired from future competitions. As you can imagine, the group admins have to get pretty creative in coming up with a list of sandwiches to fill in the bracket every year. There is only so much you can do with two pieces of bread, right? Well, this…

An attempt at staying close to the music in a world without live shows

Vinyl has taken over my life. Every day — at least twice a day — I log onto the Discogs app and I check my “Wantlist” to see if any records I’m looking for have surfaced at a decent price. I check eBay routinely as well, always sorting by “Newest Added” so I can jump on something quickly if I need to.

This is normal behavior, yes? Ok, maybe — possibly — I have developed an addiction. But here’s the thing: it didn’t use to be…

There’s an ‘I guess this is growing up’ reference to be made here, for sure.

I saw a headline several weeks ago that made me angry. It said: Blink-182’s New Album Will Feature Grimes, Lil Uzi Vert, and Pharrell. I rolled my eyes and thought, “Here we go.”

Blink-182 has been disappointing me for a few years now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those crybaby fans who whines that Matt Skiba ruined the band and that Tom Delonge needs to come back. …

The year was 2016. The date was July 4th. The situation was… really stupid. Imagine a bunch of coworkers going out for a fun time on the Fourth of July only to end up marooned on a tiny island in the middle of the night.

First, a bit of background. Back when I briefly lived in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I worked at a timeshare resort. Here’s the deal with this job. Most of the other employees in my building were either sales representatives or they were not in customer facing roles. I had the great luck of working…

Cherie Jamison

Writer with more ambition than energy. Gal that likes punk rock, cats, and attempting weird art. In a complicated relationship with my treadmill.

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